10 foods for women’s health

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Women’s health and beauty require special attention and care. Products that are useful for the female body will help protect them from negative influences and preserve them for many years.

Fish for hormones

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Fatty fish top our list, and the reason for this is omega-3 acids. They stimulate brain activity and strengthen blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis. They also have a beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy. In addition, oily fish increases the production of the hormone estrogen, which is extremely important for women after 30 years. It is best to eat salmon, or pink salmon at least twice a week.

Broccoli against cancer


Broccoli is very useful for the female body. It is scientifically proven that the combination of nutrients in this cabbage prevents the development of breast cancer. In addition, broccoli is rich in valuable fiber, folic acid, vegetable protein, potassium, iron, vitamins A and C. And all this wealth is preserved in full with any type of heat treatment. Nutritionists recommend eating broccoli meals 3-4 times a week.

Beans for slimness

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Legumes must be included in the female diet. Natural soy actively fights the manifestations of menopause and relieves nervous tension. Red beans stabilize blood sugar levels. Lentils replenish iron stores in the body, preventing the development of anemia. And they all contribute to proper weight loss. Three servings of beans in any form during the week will allow you to feel this effect very soon.

Oats for energy

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Oats are an important food for a woman’s health. First, it normalizes blood cholesterol levels. Secondly, it keeps the feeling of fullness for a long time, making it easier to fight extra pounds. Thirdly, oats contain a lot of magnesium and silicon, which improve the condition of hair, skin and nails. And thanks to its vegetable fats, vitamin D and carotene are better absorbed. So oatmeal for breakfast is the best way to stay toned.

Avocados for procreation

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Among the healthy foods for women is avocado. This South American fruit is considered to be the most nutritious fruit on the planet. However, its monounsaturated fats are extremely beneficial. They are not only not deposited in the form of depressing centimeters at the waist, but also actively destroy the already existing fat. Scientists claim that with regular use, avocado improves the functioning of the reproductive system. They recommend eating half of this wonderful fruit a day.

Oil for beauty


It is no coincidence that olive oil is called the elixir of health. Polyunsaturated fatty acids activate metabolism and improve bowel function, while antioxidants slow down the aging process. Vitamin E stimulates the production of hormones and serves as the prevention of mastopathy. In addition, the active ingredients of olive oil nourish the skin and hair, making them more beautiful and well-groomed. Therefore, with it, not only salads, but also cosmetic masks become useful.

Yogurt for digestion

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Dairy products are one of the key elements of women’s nutrition. Particular attention should be paid to natural bio-yoghurts. The live bacteria contained in them enhance the body’s immune defenses and form a favorable microflora. In addition, they help with irritable bowel syndrome, which, according to doctors, is much more common in women. You can and should eat small portions of yogurt every day.

Cranberries for youth

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Among the abundance of berries for women’s health, cranberries are most important. It contains special compounds that prevent the development of infections in the bladder. Cranberry juices and fruit drinks are effective diuretics. And the infusion of this berry is used to treat hypertension. Cranberries contain tons of antioxidants that destroy free radicals, keeping the cells of the entire body young. A handful of fresh berries or a glass of natural juice every day is an excellent vitamin therapy.

Nuts for the mind

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Walnuts have concentrated in themselves all the essentials for the female body. Gynecologists recommend them as prevention of breast cancer and infertility. For these purposes, you need to eat 25 g of ground nuts with honey after meals. Walnuts also fight high stomach acidity, liver problems and diabetes. Only 2-3 kernels of these nuts per day will improve thought processes and normalize heart function.

Chocolate for love


Bitter chocolate in a woman’s diet is needed not only for joy, but also for benefit. According to the latest research, it has been shown to relieve the course of PMS. In addition, chocolate is a very effective aphrodisiac. Magnesium improves memory and increases stress resistance. Tryptophan gives the feeling of fluttering butterflies in the stomach. The main thing is to eat no more than 25 g of chocolate a day, and then an excellent mood and a slim figure are guaranteed.

Of course, our health rating does not end there. You can supplement it with your own ideas and tips, and at the same time tell what products that are good for women you love the most.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.