10 foods that boost metabolism – health rating


A correct metabolism that works like a clock is the key to well-being and health of the whole body. If nature has not awarded you with this important quality, it does not matter. Foods that stimulate metabolism will help correct the situation. Which ones, you will learn from our rating.



Oddly enough, but the first and most important product for maintaining a healthy metabolism is water. It is with its help that vital substances are delivered to all tissues. We are talking about filtered non-carbonated water without any additives. Get into the habit of a simple rule: drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals and an hour and a half after. Remember: in winter, the daily volume of water should be approximately 2 liters.

White meat


When asked which foods speed up metabolism, many nutritionists unanimously answer: white meat. First of all, these are chicken and turkey fillets, some parts of rabbit, veal and young beef. They contain a lot of saturated animal protein, for the digestion of which the body has to use additional metabolic resources. But the fat content in these products is minimal, which significantly facilitates metabolism.

Sea fish


Despite the fact that sea fish is rich in saturated fats, it affects the metabolism in the most favorable way. Eating it regularly increases the levels of a hormone that boosts metabolism. Beneficial omega-3 fatty acids take over this function in part. In addition, they prevent harmful fats from accumulating in cells. And yet, you should not get carried away with sea fish. Include it in your diet no more than three times a week.

Cottage cheese


Foods high in calcium also benefit the metabolism. The fact is that this mineral not only nourishes bone and muscle tissues, but also helps the digestive system to cope with work more productively. To feel this effect, doctors advise leaning on cottage cheese, kefir, low-fat cheeses, nuts, beans and cereals. The last two foods, among other things, are rich in valuable dietary fiber, which prevents overeating.



Oatmeal is one of the foods that improve metabolism. The main thing is that these are whole flakes with minimal heat treatment. They contain a colossal supply of slow carbohydrates that make the metabolism work at full capacity. In addition, they supply the body with a large amount of energy and drown out the feeling of hunger for a long time. And so that oatmeal does not get bored, add fresh and dried fruits, berries and nuts to it.



Celery is famous for its many valuable properties, including the ability to improve metabolism. It is good already because the body spends much more calories on its processing than it receives in return. All this is due to the solid reserves of fiber, which increases the metabolic efficiency by an average of 20-30%. In addition, celery is one of the best detox products to help the body get rid of the ballast of harmful substances.



An excellent product that increases the metabolism in the body is ginger root. Its secret lies in essential oils, which stimulate the production of gastric juice and the blood supply to the mucous membrane in the digestive system. This allows you to properly speed up your metabolism. And ginger is also considered one of the most powerful fat burners. This spice can be safely added to soups, side dishes, salads, meat and fish dishes, fruit desserts and smoothies.



Among fruits, citrus fruits provide the most tangible metabolic benefits. And the palm belongs to the grapefruit. It contains a special antioxidant that stimulates metabolism at the cellular level and breaks down deep fat deposits. In addition, this substance helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, to which the appetite obeys unquestioningly. By the way, vitamin C also plays an important role in metabolic processes.



Apples, which have been with us throughout the winter, are important allies of metabolism. The abundance of dietary fiber and pectin improves intestinal peristalsis and has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes. In addition, pectin, like a sponge, absorbs toxins deposited in the body and removes them painlessly. And fresh apples are an effective remedy for indigestion. To maintain a normal metabolism, you should eat 2-3 apples a day.



Good news for all coffee lovers: the caffeine it contains increases the production of special antioxidants in the body, without which a full metabolism is impossible. Some studies show that this drink can help you burn up to 100 extra calories per day. Just one cup of coffee can increase metabolism by 3-4%. Only it must be natural, freshly brewed, without sugar, cream and other additives.

Even if you do not experience metabolic problems, a little prevention never hurts, especially since no one is immune from sudden failures. Include foods from our rating in your daily diet, and your body will be very grateful to you.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.