7 types of the most healthy greens – a bouquet of health


Fresh greens are often played a secondary role in our daily diet. However, this is exactly the very final touch that can give a dish unique notes and achieve a harmony of taste. In addition, it is an extremely useful product that we need throughout our lives. What types of greens for food should be on the family menu all the time? What is the use of them for the body? Can they be harmful? What to add to what dishes? We will tell you about all this and much more in our article.



Among all the edible herbs, parsley comes to mind first. It contains a myriad of vitamins and minerals. The rare vitamin K, which improves blood clotting, is of particular value. Few people realize that this greenery contains a record amount of vitamin C – about 150 mg, which is several times more than any citrus fruit. Parsley also contains apigenin, a chemical that improves neural connections and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

The healing properties of parsley lie in the fact that it improves digestion and metabolism, kidney and liver function. It helps women to normalize hormones and lipid metabolism. It is noteworthy that the juice and decoctions of this herb are used in homemade lotions, tonics and face masks. They make the skin smooth by removing acne, acne and age spots.

Parsley is a versatile herb. So you can add it anywhere: in salads, hot and cold appetizers, soups, meat and fish dishes, cereals, vegetable side dishes, sauces for main dishes. Diet advocates can make vitamin smoothies and detox drinks from parsley.



The beneficial properties of dill make it a very valuable herb. First of all, it is necessary for the heart, since it contains a lot of iron and magnesium. These minerals improve the processes of hematopoiesis and purify the blood. This herb also contains a lot of potassium, so it is recommended to use it for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Dill greens and seeds contain essential oils that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and bile. By the way, it is these oils that endow dill with a strong characteristic smell that not everyone likes. Keep this in mind when adding herb to different dishes. Take note of this little life hack. As you know, in winter the skin is very dry, and therefore becomes especially sensitive. Add a few drops of dill essential oil to your daily face lotion or cream. With it, you deeply moisturize skin cells and relieve irritation.

We advise planting dill seeds in a pot – and in a couple of weeks you will have the freshest and such fragrant greens on your windowsill. It is so unpretentious in care that you can breed it all year round. Dill is added to vegetable salads for a vibrant flavor. It sets off the taste of baked fish well. Homemade canned vegetables cannot be imagined without it.



Another indispensable type of greens in the diet is cilantro. When consumed regularly, it normalizes blood cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of plaque in blood vessels. Possessing a strong diuretic effect, this herb effectively removes toxins and toxins from the body, gently relieves swelling. Cilantro is also useful for severe eye strain. The active substances nourish the retina and slow down age-related changes leading to cataracts. Lovers of coffee and tobacco can take note of this fact. Chewing cilantro greens every day for 2-3 minutes in the morning and in the evening can help lighten plaque a little, strengthen your gums and freshen your breath. However, you should not get carried away with greens. If you overeat it at night, then you are guaranteed insomnia.

Like dill, cilantro contains aromatic essential oils that give it its characteristic powerful aroma. This property is especially widely used in Caucasian and Georgian cuisine, which is why there are so many dishes with her participation. Without cilantro, one cannot imagine chakhokhbili, kharcho soup, satsivi with chicken, tkemali and satsebeli sauces, hearty pies with filling.



Spinach has many benefits that have earned it a place in our health rankings. If you are pestered by stress, irritability, disturbed sleep, emotional outbursts, often add this herb to the menu. The active ingredients in its composition will help to calm the nervous nerves. Perhaps it’s the hormones. Then iodine will help bring them back to normal, or rather the thyroid gland. This microelement in spinach is also sufficient. The beneficial properties of this green also include the ability to prevent the development of cancer cells. All thanks to a punchy cocktail of antioxidants that suppresses hostile cells and helps you recover healthy.

It is noteworthy that spinach retains all vitamins and minerals during heat treatment. Moreover, when heated, a special substance pheophytin is produced, which improves the process of hematopoiesis. Spinach is mainly used in Mediterranean cuisine. It perfectly complements cream soups, fritatta, salads with fresh vegetables and seafood, snack rolls. Stewed spinach leaves are often used in ravioli and gnocchi fillings.



Rucola is another very healthy Mediterranean green herb. In the time of Julius Caesar, it was called mustard herb and was endowed with a host of medicinal properties. As it turned out, not without reason. Rucola juice eliminates the inflammatory processes that occur on the mucous membrane during peptic ulcer disease. The active substances contained in it improve the digestion process and help the beneficial elements to be assimilated correctly. In addition, rucola has a good tonic effect and helps to better cope with mental stress. Arugula has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails, nourishing them from the inside, making them beautiful and healthy on the outside.

Italians are the biggest fans of arugula. This herb is found in almost all salads, bruschetta and pizza. You can serve it with beef steaks or baked salmon without any tricks. Arugula is often featured in risotto and pasta recipes. She adds pleasant spicy notes and a light unobtrusive aroma to each dish.



Basil can be safely called a medicinal plant, because there are a lot of vitamins in this greenery. Therefore, its regular use helps to strengthen the immune system. It has been proven that with complex treatment, basil allows you to quickly overcome respiratory tract infections, including asthma and bronchitis. The essential oils in this herb have powerful diaphoretic and antipyretic effects, and also remove mucus from the nasal cavity.

Basil will help you to cheer up and recuperate quite quickly. To do this, slightly knead a handful of fresh leaves, pour boiling water over and let stand for 10-15 minutes. For sweetness, you can add a drop of honey. It is also important that the active substances in this greenery improve brain function and cheer up.

The basil has excellent taste. It combines gentle spicy notes, light astringency, exquisite bitterness in the aftertaste. The most famous dish with this herb is the famous Italian pesto sauce. In addition, it is added to salads, appetizers, sandwich pates, soups, marinades, stews, meat and fish dishes.



Celery is the last, but not the last in importance in our ranking. It’s about leaf celery, not stalks. It contains flavonoids that nourish cells and neutralize free radicals that destroy them. Celery is deservedly called herbs for weight loss. With a minimum of calories, it increases the metabolic rate, removes toxins and toxins, and improves the water-salt balance. As a result, extra pounds go away easier and much faster. Some studies show that these herbs can help normalize hormones, relieve recurrent pelvic pain, and help manage emotional outbursts. However, during pregnancy, it is not recommended to get carried away with this greens, so as not to provoke an involuntary contraction of the uterus.

How to use celery in cooking? It goes well with vegetables, rice, seafood, various cheeses and eggs. Therefore, he will complement any salads very well. It will add a rich aroma and soft spicy notes to the first courses. Celery also feels good in homemade pickles.

Here are seven of the healthiest, in our opinion, types of greens for food, which must be in the family diet as often as possible. Of course, this does not mean that the rest of the herbs are of little value. Complete our rating with your options. Tell us in the comments which greens you like the most and what you cook with them.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.