8 reasons why walking is better than the gym


Are you gym allergic? Fine! You should not be very upset about this, and most importantly, daily rape your body in pursuit of an ideal figure. Remember, you have probably found hundreds of excuses for yourself more than once to skip a workout. It seems like the last time you felt so ashamed was when you made excuses to your schoolteacher for absenteeism. Now you can finally forget about the hated treadmill: scientists have found out that walking and contemplation of nature are much more useful than exhausting exercises in the gym.

40-45 minutes of brisk walking a day improves thinking skills, as it improves blood flow to the brain.

1. No equipment

Perhaps the nicest benefit of walking is that you no longer need special equipment, just get yourself a pair of good running shoes. In addition, walks do not exhaust the body as much as active sports, you may even get the feeling that the body has not undergone any changes. In fact, this is not at all the case – after the first walk you can be sure that you have embarked on a path of change, and for this you do not have to be soaked through with sweat.

2. General recovery of the body

In addition to all other advantages, walking contributes to the intensive movement of blood through the vessels, enrichment of all internal organs without exception with a large amount of oxygen, which, of course, has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Get into the habit of walking in the evenings and very soon you will notice how your general condition has improved – headaches will recede first, and then joint pains – active blood circulation will help develop clogged muscles.

3. Deep sleep

Walking helps you sleep well. If you suffer from insomnia – an evening walk is exactly what you absolutely need. Breathing in fresh air before going to bed, even in a small city park, is useful for complete relaxation of the body, and oxygen oversaturation can even cause severe drowsiness. So after a long unhurried walk, you are guaranteed a healthy sound sleep and a pleasant awakening.

4. In a healthy body healthy mind

Walking is the perfect way to relax. The fact is that leisurely walking is a great way to clear your head of parasitic thoughts. Moreover, not only walking itself has a beneficial effect, but rather contemplation of what is happening around us. Monotonous eye movements allow synchronizing the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, thereby removing the nerve clamps that are formed as a result of emotional shock, negative thoughts, obsessions … As a result, the work of the nervous system is getting better – this discovery belongs to American psychologists.

Walking triggers the production of happiness hormones – endorphins

5. Forget about the gym

Regular walks can completely replace sports. Walking is a proven weight loss tool that has no contraindications and is suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Crossing the park every day will provide you with easy weight loss, you can give up diets and mandatory exercise. In terms of efficiency, walking is not inferior to running, but unlike the latter, it has no contraindications and is much safer for health. Morning workouts are energizing, and evening workouts are suppressing the appetite. The main thing is to train regularly.

6. Good mood

Walking can benefit not only your physical condition, but also your moral. British experts invited several avid motorists to participate in an experiment and found that people who stopped commuting by car and started walking or cycling to work, felt a clear improvement in their general condition. Walking triggers the production of happiness hormones – endorphins. After the walk, you will definitely feel that your mood has improved.

7. Improving brain function

Experts from the US National Council on Aging have found that 40-45 minutes of brisk walking a day improves thinking skills in people over 60, as it improves blood flow to the brain. Walking can also help slow the age-related decline in cells in the hippocampus, the part of the brain that processes memory and emotion. And as for the younger lovers of taking a walk before bedtime, they will be able to prevent problems with brain activity in the future in this way.

8. Life extension

It has been proven that if you walk more than three kilometers per day, the risk of premature death decreases significantly. To extend your life, it is not necessary to give up delicious food and drinks, it is enough to devote time to walking every day, which is much less exhausting than running or exercising in the gym.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.