Dried fruits: the natural first aid kit in your home

Grégory ROOSE: Pixabay

From time immemorial, dried fruit has been held in high esteem. Practical housewives stocked up on them for the winter, the fearless conquerors of the seas took with them on long journeys, doctors prescribed them for a variety of ailments. Centuries later, mankind’s love for dried fruits has only grown stronger.

About the undoubted benefits of dried fruits

This love is well deserved. Firstly, dried fruits are incredibly tasty and will make up the happiness of any sweet tooth. Secondly, they can boast of reserves of nutrients in concentrated doses. It does not matter that some vitamins are irretrievably volatilized during the drying process – magnesium, potassium, iron, fiber and many other valuable elements are stored in abundance.

Dried fruits are a sure remedy in the fight against vitamin deficiency and depression. They are extremely useful for the cardiovascular system, normalize metabolism and digestion processes, and have a beneficial effect on nerve cells. Among other things, dried fruits are a real lifesaver for those who meticulously monitor extra grams of weight. Simple carbohydrates, found in abundance in any variety of this product, create a feeling of fullness. Therefore, a small handful of dried fruits at the evening meal will help not to violate the main prohibition of all those who lose weight – not a crumb after six in the evening. Dried fruits also improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails and teeth.

However, they should not be abused, especially for those who suffer from diabetes, since dried fruits can significantly increase blood sugar levels. Discomfort can occur in people with diseases of the stomach and duodenum. Allergy sufferers are also advised to exclude dried fruits with irritating ingredients from the diet.

Apricots – remedy for heart problems

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Dried apricots are a worthy representative of dried fruits obtained from apricot halves. If you dry it whole and without a bone, the fruit will be called kaisa. And small-caliber dry apricots with pits are known to us as apricots. Any of these dried fruits are the best medicine for the cores as they help stabilize blood pressure. Due to the abundance of potassium and magnesium, dried apricots improve the functioning of the heart, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, and also stimulate the thyroid gland. These dried fruits are indispensable for anemia and during pregnancy, as they can increase the level of hemoglobin. In addition, dried apricots are a real salvation for eyes weary with loads. If you add fresh grated carrots and a little sour cream to it, then tension and fatigue will disappear in the very near future.

Prunes – stomach’s best friend


According to their useful properties, prunes are in no way inferior to dried apricots. It is the best stimulant of digestion and a faithful helper of the stomach for various diseases. In addition, prunes have an excellent diuretic effect and perfectly cleanse the body of harmful substances. It is able to significantly improve the state of immunity and increase the susceptibility to infectious diseases. Doctors recommend these dried fruits to people prone to cancer, kidney and liver problems, as well as inflammatory processes in muscles and joints. If you are plagued by skin problems, prunes can help get rid of them too. To enhance the healing effect, it must be combined with oatmeal. Prunes will give away all the nutrients without a trace if you make a vitamin salad from fresh cabbage, carrots, oranges and walnuts from it.

Dates – vitamins of youth

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The ancient Arabs believed that sweet dates were the secret of longevity, good health and inexhaustible vigor. Modern medicine confirms these guesses, because dates are rich in vitamins of youth A and E. However, these sweet fruits have plenty of other valuable qualities. Doctors advise to use dates for patients with dystrophy. A decoction of white rice with the addition of dried fruits fights this ailment. Dates are especially useful after prolonged colds and viral infections. A modest portion of dried fruit over the course of several days will help repair a disease-worn immune system. Dates have a positive effect on the kidneys and liver, making them work at full strength. And getting into the intestine, they create a favorable microflora in it, as a result of which the digestive processes are normalized.

Fig – recharge your mind

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The noble fig fruit, or fig, is also famous for its medicinal properties. It has the richest iron reserves, even more so than apples. These dried fruits are very useful for the circulatory system, since they reduce vasospasm, thin blood clots, and normalize blood pressure. Figs are a crushing weapon against sore throats, especially if the fruits are boiled in milk. Dried figs have an antibacterial effect, help to bring down high temperatures, and promote profuse sweating. Nutritionists claim that figs actively stimulate mental activity. It also contains tryptophan, a natural and completely harmless sedative. Just a few figs will provide a good restful sleep even for the most anxious natures.

Raisins – first aid to teeth

Grégory ROOSE: Pixabay

Raisins are no less effective in protecting nerve cells from destruction. Nicotinic acid makes it an effective natural antidepressant. Doctors advise, in exciting situations, to eat a handful of dry raisins in order to quickly calm down or at least distract yourself by absorbing dried berries. Raisins can be a useful substitute for chewing gum after your next meal. The antioxidants contained in it prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria and protect the oral cavity from infections, and the phyto-substance strengthens the teeth and gums. Raisins are also shown to expectant mothers. Unlike grapes, it does not provoke the formation of gases in the intestines and generously endows the body with the substances necessary for pregnant women. Raisins organically complement various dishes, starting with a vitamin salad of sauerkraut, ending with crumbly sweet pilaf.

The healing power of dried fruits can work wonders. It’s easy to experience its powerful effect on yourself – just replace harmful sweets with dried fruits or add them to your favorite dishes.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.