Weight loss foods and their properties

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When we make a decision to lose weight, we first of all think about sports and diets. The latter is even more important – weight directly depends on the number of calories consumed. Therefore, you need not only to change some of your eating habits, but also to make a competent diet. Indeed, in this case, not only the result will depend on her choice, but also, what is much more important, your health. We have compiled a list of products that meet the requirements of a healthy diet and, due to their special properties, contribute to weight loss, and we share them with you. Don’t forget to include them in your diet.



This citrus fruit helps curb your appetite. This is due to the property of grapefruit to lower the level of insulin in the blood. In addition, with regular consumption, cholesterol levels are lowered and excess fluid is removed, while essential oils and organic acids help improve digestion and, in general, have a positive effect on metabolism. A set of vitamins (A, B, P, C) and elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium), which are contained in grapefruit, will become a pleasant addition for the body.

Due to these properties, many nutritionists recommend including grapefruit in most diets, including express diets. You need to eat half of the fruit half an hour before eating or drink 150 ml of juice. By itself, it is very low in calories, so it can also be used to make healthy desserts, including fruit salads.


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Another familiar product to everyone who has ever been interested in weight loss issues is cabbage. Moreover, all its types – broccoli, colored, white cabbage, Beijing and others – are actually always included in the list of healthy and low-calorie foods and are included in diets. This fact is due to the fact that cabbage has “zero calorie content”. This means that the body’s expenditure of energy for processing is equal to its own nutritional value.

Cabbage is also very useful. It contains vitamins: A, groups B, C, E, K, PP, U, amino acids and trace elements – iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, fluorine. The product is rich in fiber, which is its undoubted advantage. It has a beneficial effect on bowel cleansing and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, contributing to better absorption of food.

Let’s separately say about seaweed, which many do not like. But in vain. The kelp kelp growing in Japan contains a lot of iodine, which is good for the thyroid gland. With problems with her, a person becomes more prone to weight gain. This fact (combined with the low calorie cuisine in general) explains why there are so few fat people among the Japanese. But this is not all the benefits of seaweed. It also helps to normalize blood pressure and prevents the development of cancer cells.


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A spice used in many well-known condiments (including curry), it is also known for its slimming properties. Ginger roots are beneficial due to their unique chemical composition. First of all, these are essential oils (they contain 1.5-3% in dry rhizomes), the main component of which is a substance called gingerol. It is he who gives ginger its burning taste and promotes increased blood circulation, which causes a feeling of warmth in the body. This property directly affects and stimulates digestion and metabolic processes.

In diets and weight loss programs, ginger is most commonly used to make tea. The recipe is simple: grate the peeled root, then pour boiling water over one teaspoon of chopped ginger and let it brew a little. You can add lemon and honey. But here you need to be careful – the chemical compounds of its composition are very active. People who have not used this product before may have a fever. It is recommended to drink no more than 1 liter of the drink per day. In addition, there are a number of medical contraindications: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Olives and olive oil


Olives are part of the popular Mediterranean diet. The unsaturated vegetable fats contained in them are necessary for the body in small quantities, even during weight loss. To replenish their norm, you can use olives or olive oil. But there is one caveat: canned olives from cans and other packages are not suitable. You can get benefits and help the body lose weight only by consuming fresh olives or first cold pressed oil, which, of course, is not cheap. Methods: as part of salads or instead of breakfast. In the latter case, it is worth eating 12-16 olives or drinking 1-2 teaspoons of oil without washing them down with water. The next meal is in 2-3 hours.

The value of this product for a balanced diet is very high. Olives help regulate fat and salt levels in the body and lower cholesterol levels. This has a positive effect on the functioning of the digestive system, liver and cardiovascular system. Contraindications include cholelithiasis.



One of the most beloved seasonal berries has unique properties. Raspberries are not only healthy and tasty, but also help you lose weight. Recently, special raspberry diets have become popular, but even without this, this berry should be present in the diet of every person. It is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, PP, group B (B1, B2, B9, B12), and also contains a lot of fiber. We already talked about its benefits when we described the properties of cabbage. The fiber of this berry stores fructose, pectin, organic acids and essential oils, which contribute to the normalization of digestion and intestinal microflora.

Raspberry is a well-known diuretic, so eating it will help you remove excess fluid and salts from the body. In addition, among other berries and fruits, it has the lowest glycemic index and practically does not increase blood sugar levels. Another unique property is that during heat treatment, raspberries do not lose their usefulness (except for vitamin C), therefore they are excellent for preparing various healthy desserts.

Green tea

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Many women’s forums are full of topics about green tea as an assistant in terms of weight loss. Some talk about the results achieved, others – about the uselessness of the drink in this particular aspect. But, as the wise people noticed, do not trust, but check. Moreover, this does not require any effort, and from a chemical point of view, tea has everything you need for weight loss. Thus, the polyphenols contained in it increase heat exchange by processing fat reserves. Green tea also lowers blood sugar levels, which can help control appetite and cope with hunger.

Thus, even without practicing any diet, but simply following the principles of healthy eating, and drinking 3-6 cups of green tea a day, you can lose 5 kg. To do this, simply replace all other drinks with tea without sugar.

Hot spices

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By analogy with green tea, hot spices also work in the body. All types of pepper, mustard, horseradish, Thai and Indian spices speed up metabolism, as they trigger the mechanisms of energy production from fat deposits. Using them as spices, you can completely abandon sugar and salt, without losing in terms of taste.

But since spicy food is not an integral part of our cuisine, it is necessary to use spicy seasonings for food preparation wisely. For many people, spicy foods can increase their appetite. The choice of spices should be approached carefully in the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Well, we recommend starting with the more familiar to us allspice, postponing with the exotic.


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And it’s not just about the usefulness, cheapness and the fact that you can have a snack with an apple without harm to your figure. This fruit has been proven over the years and is called the No. 1 product for fasting days in many weight loss systems.

Apples contain several types of organic acids: malic, which aids digestion in people with low acidity; citric and tartronic acids “start” the process of processing carbohydrates, thereby preventing their conversion into fats.


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Spinach is characterized by low calorie content and at the same time has a number of substances useful for the body (folic acid, vitamins C, K, antioxidants, beta-carotene, lutein). Like seaweed, it is rich in iodine and good for the thyroid gland. And you’ve already heard about the beneficial effect on fiber metabolism.

Drinking regime

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It is extremely important not to forget to drink regular water in equal doses throughout the day. If there are no kidney diseases, the rate of 2 liters per day should be covered precisely with ordinary water (not juice, tea, coffee or other drinks). This is not only a requirement for a healthy lifestyle, but also an excellent prevention of excess weight gain.

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.