Why play sports: 10 reasons

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Sports, exercise, morning jogging, healthy lifestyle – what do you think of this?

Someone likes it, someone does not, and someone generally refers to this issue indifferently. But, be that as it may, you should know that there are special advantages on the side of those who play sports. But first, a few words about a sedentary lifestyle.

Did you know that, according to medical research, the average rate of movement of an ordinary person is 15 thousand steps per day, i.e. about 10 km? Do you walk or run that much every day? Surely few will answer positively.

In the morning we go to work, in the afternoon we are at our workplace (if we are not couriers, of course), in the evening we go home again, rest and go to bed. And so every day, except weekends. If your lifestyle does not correspond to the example above, you regularly train or in some special way managed to build your schedule, then congratulations. But you must agree that there are much more people who, by and large, lead a passive lifestyle (albeit different from the same example above), much more than those who live the most active life.

And a sedentary lifestyle, in turn, leads to not very good consequences, such as, for example, health problems, low vitality, apathy, weakness, etc. And the physical form in this case leaves much to be desired. We repeat once again that we do not equate everyone with one thing, but we are talking about the majority.

Despite this, many people not only do not play sports, but do not even think about it, although sports are a great way to keep fit and maintain good health. And, as you know, a person becomes interested in something (moreover, this rule works great even in sales) if you show him the benefits of this. It is for this reason that we will talk about the benefits that sports give people.

10 reasons to go in for sports


The first reason, and the main one, is, of course, health. People who go in for sports (even non-professional athletes) have much healthier health than those who do not. And it’s not just that: playing sports strengthens the heart, normalizes blood pressure, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all vital systems of the body, and also improves brain activity and slows down the aging process.


The second reason is the good mood provided by sports. After physical exercise, a person almost always feels a surge of strength, even if he is physically tired; his morale is high, his mental state is excellent, his vitality is maximally activated. It is not for nothing that they say that sport is the best remedy for depression, because it helps to temporarily move away from problems and troubles and look at them from a different angle, and this, among other things, helps to relax the psyche.


The third reason is that sport strengthens self-confidence and strength, increases self-esteem, develops will, makes a person stronger as a person. Indeed, in many cases, training is closely interconnected with overcoming one’s weaknesses, working to the limit of one’s capabilities, re-evaluating one’s values ​​and many other things that temper a person’s character.


The fourth reason is quite commonplace, but, nevertheless, very important – it is the saturation of the body with oxygen. During the performance of various kinds of exercises, the human body begins to consume more oxygen, thereby saturating all its cells with it. This improves blood circulation and the work of capillaries, and also has an extremely beneficial effect on reactions, reflexes and muscle work.


The fifth reason is one of the most pleasant, because it is directly related to a person’s appearance. If you search for information, for example, on the Internet, you can find countless examples when people radically changed their appearance: pumped up muscles, from eternal “skeletons” and fat men became people with an amazing figure. For many, this is what turns out to be the most powerful motivation. In addition, a beautiful body is also a sexy body, which also cannot but rejoice, because success with the opposite sex is 100% guaranteed. But. Of course, we must not forget about personal and spiritual growth.


The sixth reason is sleep normalization. Systematic sports activities ensure healthy sleep, thereby stimulating the body’s production of endorphins, which release a person from nervous tension and stress, prevent the occurrence of depressive conditions and insomnia.


The seventh reason was already briefly mentioned by us when we talked about weight. Exercise is a great way to control your appetite, among other things. Here again, it should be said about endorphins, because they serve as a kind of fuse, blocking the feeling of hunger at unnecessary moments, and activating it only when the body really needs recharging. So it turns out that, while playing sports, a person ceases to both malnourish and abuse food.


The eighth reason is that sport is a way to combat chronic fatigue, increase stress tolerance, increase vitality and maintain great well-being. By visiting the gym, going to workouts, jogging, a person makes himself stronger in front of the influence of external circumstances and the pressure of everyday life. Every day becomes filled with incentives and the desire to achieve goals, boldly walking through life.


The ninth reason implies a quick recovery of the body after various kinds of injuries, serious illnesses, operations, etc. And the interesting thing is that this works in all cases, i.e. it doesn’t matter if sports were preceded by any health problems preceded sports – the positive impact of sports will always be visible, because the body becomes many times stronger than it was before.


And as the tenth reason, you can name the lifestyle in general. Going in for sports, a person can drastically change himself, his personality and his life. And there is a huge amount of evidence for this. Sport can even be called a kind of therapy, because many people to whom their life seemed like a dark tunnel, at the end of which there was no light, after several months of classes began to notice the long-awaited light, and over time they generally came to harmony and happiness. In addition, sports can help you get rid of bad habits, change your social circle, find new friends and even find a life partner. Whatever one may say, sport can only be characterized by positive qualities. This is, perhaps, one of the few things about which nothing bad can be said.

Everyone may have their own reasons for doing sports and the main thing is to find them. And examples, indeed, more than enough. Fragile and gentle girls enroll in the martial arts section in order to be able to stand up for themselves and fight back the offender in a dangerous situation. People who have suffered severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system begin to do gymnastics or even yoga. Yes, they work hard, but there is no trace of past injuries. The ugly guys, whom everyone pissed at school and who were always laughed at by their peers, discover gyms, where they begin to “build” their bodies, after which they become objects of envy and even imitation for other guys and a real temptation for the sexiest girls.

Remember that you don’t need to have any supernatural skills or knowledge to start playing sports. Neither gender, nor age, nor education, nor financial situation plays a role here. It is only the desire and the ability to find the strength to take the first step towards sport is important. Make it and let sport become your passion, then even in old age you will feel healthier and stronger than others, and most importantly – healthier and stronger than yourself that you were before.

Our tomorrow is what we do today!

* This is an informational website. We encourage you to consult your doctor before taking any action. Only a doctor can know what is indicated and contraindicated for your body.